Carolyne Swayze
Lyric by Sylvia Dee, music by Joe Lippman. Licensed to Carolyne Swayze and Royal Duchess Music through the Harry Fox Agency OBO Mutul Music Society, Inc. New York, NY


I'M THRILLED, just looking at you , and knowing your lips have touched mine.

As though in a dream divine, oh but I'M THRILLED.!

I'M THRILLED by things that you do, the way you echo my name.

As though with a heart aflame, oh but I'M THRILLED.

It's like the magic of springtime, when you enter a room.

A symphony seems to play swing-time, and a million roses burst into bloom!

I'M THRILLED, just holding your hand, or standing beside you awhile. You look in my yes and smile, and  oh


Carolyne Swayze
Licened to Carolyne Swayze by FHA; MPL Music Publishing, Inc O/B/O Harwin Music Corp
Carolyne Swayze
Cole Porter; Chappell & Music Co., Inc.Licensed to Carolyne Swayze dba Royal Duchess Music. All Rights Reserved


No singer's repertoire of the American standards songbook is complete without Cole Porter. 

Carolyne Swayze
Guy Wood and Robert Mellin
Carolyne Swayze
Irving Berlin


What'll I Do

What'll I Do, when you

are far away, and I am blue

What'll I Do?


What' ll I Do, when I

am wondering who,

who's kissing you

What'll I Do?

What 'll I Do with just

a photograph to tell my

troubles to?

When I'm a, alone

with only dreams of you

That won't come true

What'll I Do?



Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze Composer


The Next Best Thing

Like Mickey and Minnie

Just like Mac and Cheese

Like chips slathered in dip

Like honey and Bees


Like hot dogs and mustard

Like sugar and cane

Like a buggy and whip

Like Tarzan and Jane


Like nuts and bolts

Like a hammer and nails

Like Pasa and Dena

Like a rainstorm with hail

(Second Verse)

Just like cake and ice cream

and Apple Pie

The Next Best Thing that I know

is you and I.


Like turkey and stuffing

Like Ginger and Fred

A good book read by a fire

Apple butter on bread

Like hook or by crook

Like a clef on a staff

Like corned beef and cabbage

a joke followed by a laugh


Just Like Geshundeit

right after a sneeze

 That morning cup of coffee

A Bee and his knees


Like an Ace right up my sleeve

Like other fish swimming in the sea

The Next Best thing that I know

is you and me.


Copyright © 2013  Carolyne Swayze and Duchess Publishing

Registered BMI

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


There is no specific story behind this song. It is simply a statement of the experience of loving and losing while not suspecting anything was wrong.


Without You There Is No Spring

Did I misunderstand?

Did I overstate our plan?

When you said that you were leaving,

Were my eyes closed, were my ears deceiving?


Now the seasons seem to grow shorter

And my heart can find no songs to sing

Too soon, each year, I greet December

Because without you, there is no spring.


© Copyright by Carolyne Swayze 2015

All Rights Reserved

BMI Registration ID No. 18893051


Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


There is a phenomenon going on currently called “pay it forward.” The premise is, if you do something good for someone else, you pay it forward and good comes back to you. For example, more than once, while crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge, I have reached the toll gate and told the car ahead paid my toll. I recently saw a man in the grocery store give his change to the person behind him, an obvious mother with many mouths to feed, etc. The premise is lacking in some respect as there should be no Quid Pro Quo when helping someone. We should give freely when we can, without any expectation of receiving something in return, but… I digress.

I have received many blessings over my life that I don’t necessarily think I deserved. Conversely, there have been some consequences that I did deserve, yet some escaped receiving. I have questioned this often while at the same time understanding that a thing is just what it is. Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people all the time, it's just the way things are.

During my formative years, I was raised by Evangelical grandparents. While I have not remained in the church, I have maintained the faith, at least, tried. I can see and hear my grandmother praying regularly. People would come to visit, and she’d say, “Pray for us.” I recall thinking, “why is she asking people to pray for us, there’s nothing wrong.” She was praying it forward. She knew her children and grandchildren, no matter how well intentioned, given our human frailties would fall at some point by the wayside. She prayed it forward on our behalf. I for one am grateful.

So today I write the song Pray It Forward. Hope you enjoy.




Lord, hear my prayer today, to lend a helping hand

Let my words on High be heard, and I will do the best I can.

When into this world I came, you heard my mother’s plea

She prayed it forward in my name, and you remembered me.

So let me pray it forward, Lord and help someone else today.

Use me as you will for all the blessings I can’t repay.

Once my journey got too rough, so worried I couldn’t sleep.

But someone prayed it forward long enough, and you made the

mountain’s climb less steep.

So let me pray it forward, Lord, and help someone else today.

Use me as you will for all the blessings I can’t repay.

Pray for all children lost today, guide them Lord ‘til they find their way.

Help my neighbor, and lift up the poor, heal the sick, and Lord please

send the cures.

Help my brothers, help my sisters too, help all known Lord to you.

Pray it Forward Lrd to thee, that we may live in peace and harmony.


Carolyne Swayze
Richard Whiting, Charles Daniels; Chappel Music, EMI Music, and Licensed to Carolyne Swayze through Harry Fox Agency, Ny, Ny..All Rights Reserved.
Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze



I’m taking a trip to Loveland

A place far away from here

They say kisses there, have a certain savoir-faire

and laughter fills the air.


I got myself ticket to Loveland

Where meadows of lilacs are always in bloom

I’m on my way to Loveland

I hope to see you there real soon.


I’m taking a trip to Loveland

A place far that’s far, far away

Made a reservation, planning a great vacation

Maybe I’ll even stay.


I’m gonna wait for you in Loveland

So hurry, and don’t you delay

We’re gonna fall in love in Loveland

And have a grand Lover’s Holiday.

We’ll fall in love in Loveland

And have ourselves a Lover’s Holiday


Carolyne Swayze copyright 2015




Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze
Jack Eglash,Sammy Cahn, Matt Dennis
Carolyne Swayze
Mann Curtis, Joseph Meyer; Bughouse Music, Harry Fox Agency Lic No. 888174616254
Carolyne Swayze
Permissions granted to manufacture and distribute through RightsFlow,Inc. for digital download and streaming: License Nos. 35566411 and 35566415 (Duke Ellington Music, Ricki Music Company, USA)


I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues

Ain't got the change of a nickel,

Ain't got no bounce in my shoes,

Ain't got no fancy to tickle,

I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues,


Ain't Got no coffee that's perkin'

Ain't got no winnings to lose,

Ain't got a dream that's workin'

I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues.


When troubles flare up,

I keep my hair up,

I won't let it get me down.

Believe me , honey,

no day is sunny, since my ever loving baby left town.


Ain't got no rest on my slumbers,

ain't got no feelings left  to bruise

Ain't got no telephone numbers

I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues


Copyright (c) 1937 Duke Ellington Music, Inc

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


To the one to whom you had to say goodbye



I’ll Just keep loving you.
I’ll love you with a love that’s true.
Even if stars should lose their glow,
if the river forgets to flow.
I’ll keep wanting you,
And when my life is through.
Just as long as you love me too
I’ll go through eternity loving you.

I’ll just keep loving you
I’ll sing my songs to you.
Who cares if stars fall from the sky
You’ll be my always, I’ll be your reason why.
If you just keep loving me,
Then, when I cease to be.
I will wait for you patiently,
Lfving you through eternity.

IF you keep loving me
Then when I cease to be
I will wait for you patiently
Loving you through eternity

© copyright Carolyne Swayze 2015
All Rights Reserved
BMI Registration Works ID # 018755315

Carolyne Swayze
Cole Porter; Chappell & Music Co., Inc.Licensed to Carolyne Swayze dba Royal Duchess Music. All Rights Reserved
Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


The story is simply about love.  A love that either does not exist in reality or is unattainable.  Yet, each night two lovers, one a dream and the other real,  meet at their dream rendezvous clinging to one another until the morning's light when one must wake and leave, returning night after night "still loving you, still loving you". A perfect love affair never tainted  or diminished by the realities  of life. 



Verse One

When I close my eyes at night

that's when my dream love comes in sight

and smiles at me, he smiles at me

My head just seems to spin

each night when I think of him

he touches me, ooh he touches me


Dream Love come dance with me

and hold me till the morning light, when I must wake

and when each day is through,

I'll meet you each night at dreams rendezvous

still loving you, still loving you

Verse Two

Although I know he cannot be

in dream he's always there with me

In dream he is reality magnified, oh baby

perhaps one day I'll find

a love not merely in my mind

but until that time, he's all I need


© Carolyne Swayze 2009

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


Goodbye To Christmas

Hello, Christmas baby,  I hope you had a great holiday.

I bet Santa loved those cookies

I can almost see him smiling in his sleigh

Time to put away all the goodies

And raise one last toat to Christmas cheer

Sleep tight tonight Christmas Baby

Cause tomorrow will be a new yer


It’s time to Christmas,

A sweet goodbye from you and me

All those  presents wraped so neatly, are all gone from ‘ neath the tree.

Well now don’t you get teary, I know Christmas can go so fast

But old Father time has grown weary

Now he can rest a bit at last


It’s time to say Goodbye to Christmas

It was so nice having friends so near

They won’t need an invitation, ’Ya’ll just come back again next year

It’s time to say Goodbye Christmas

Just one thing before you go

Stand with me Christmas, Baby

For a little kiss under the Mistletoe

And then we’ll say goodbye to Christmas time

And sing that Ole Lang Syne


Carolyne Swayze

Copyright 2015

BMI Registration No Pending


Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


I once met a man, who upon meeting for the first time, I was so mesmerized by his looks and manner that I was rendered speechless. He teased me mercilessly. Although I was an accomplished young woman with a good job, in his presence, I was left ineffective. We would go on to become nothing more than good friends. I had the opportunity of seeing him almost thirty years later and the initial attraction, although it would have made a good story to say otherwise, was quite different. I will however always wonder, what if? He will never know, unless he reads this post, that there was a time when I wanted to be the mother of his children.


Speechless Blues

You leave me speechless, I can’t even say the time of day
It’s most annoying, this disruption to my communique
You think it’s cute, when I’m rendered mute
Baby, I wish you’d just go away.

You leave me speechless, just watching the way you walk
This lack of prose is disturbing, ‘cause a girl with attitude has to talk
But it’s when you’re close, words fail me the most
Oh Baby I wish I could be verbose

You leave me speechless, I can barely make a sound
My vocabulary’s useless anytime you’re hanging around
First I stutter, next I mutter …
Silly words that come out all upside down

I’m left speechless by the way you say my name
This lack of elocution is a low down, dirty shame
I’m dumbfounded, so confounded, amazed, and abused
Somebody help me find a way to end these speechless blues

Copyright 2015 Carolyne Swayze
All Rights reserved
BMI Registration ID No. 18893033

Carolyne Swayze
Gus Kahn, Isham Jones
Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze - BMI Registered


I Never Found A Rainbow

One day while chasing rainbows searching for  pots of gold,

 Rain  falling all around me, drenching my very soul.

I watched the dark clouds hanging in skies of gray.

I asked, "How will I find a rainbow, if this rain won't go away?"

Then all at once from out of nowhere, I heard a blue bird sing,

Such lovely things he did swear, like all the joy, happiness and love he'd bring

I turned about, the sun came out bringing your face in to view

Well, I never found a rainbow, but  I found you.  


©copyright March 2014, Carolyne Swayze

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze - BMI Registered



I'm rocking through the east side

Rolling through the west side

I'm walking on the wild side

Just To Get Back To You.


I'm running through the north side,

Sunning on the south side

I'm traveling on the light side

Just to prove I'm true.

 No matter what direction

Who cares what route I take

As long as your sweet lovin'

directs every step I make

 I'm strutting on the high side,

with no detour in view.

I'm looking on the bright side

Just To Get Back To You.


COPYRIGHT © Carolyne Swayze 2014

BMI License #:

Carolyne Swayze
Allie Wrubel and Herb Magidson;WB Music Corporation OBO Bernhardt Music; Licensed Harry Fox Agency 1200988457 and 1200988458
Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze, Composer


This last birthday, September 24th, caused a time for reflection. Just enough time, it appears, to write a song. I am very proud of this one. I think the song speaks, speaking being the optimum word, for itself.


Seasons of My Time

I know much, although I cannot speak, and therefore, give the appearance of knowing little.  Each day is a little longer than the one before, and I am filled with the wonder of exploration. My mind races to follow new things as I share rebirth and regrowth with the universe. There is much commotion regarding my material comforts , which in reality are actually few.  My eyes are introduced to new things and soon welcome familiar sights, like, my mother's face, as my ears hearing new sounds, welcome the intimacy of her voice. My mind is at peace, and as I draw nourishment from her breasts, I am comforted.  I sleep with no assurances, and yet somehow confident that I shall awake, protected by loving arms.  My name is Spring.

I know much, and although I speak, my words are sophomoric, and I am thought to know little.  I am innocent; held harmless from the consequences of my pomposity, and allowed, even encouraged, to reach for stars, even though the tree tops are  far beyond my grasps. It is they, the stars and the treetops that are at fault for being too distant.  There is no time to endure such human inadequacies for although my days are long, there is precious little time to let me change all things as required by the arrogance of my youth.  I sleep, unaware that my pride serves as a shield of armor from which I will draw protection from the misfortunes of living. My name is Summer.

I know much, and yet I speak little. My days are now short and I long for those things for which I took for granted.  I must now hasten to store the recesses of my mind with things of importance. My mother's voice is now nothing more than a fading memory along with other beautiful melodies. Today, my walk is not as spright, and my dance is not nearly as bold; compassion and empathy have trumped impatience and intolerance. A posture once soaring is now rather stooped, not as much as an inability to stand tall, as to show humility. While some of my reflexes seem dulled and diminished by time, my sense of humor is able to laugh. I now climb the mountains, wasting no energy on molehills. My name is Fall.

I know much, although I cannot speak, and therefore, give the appearance of knowing little. Each day is a little shorter than the one before, and I sit and ponder all things vast and beautiful. I see every raindrop, as merely nourishment for the earth, and every storm as a means to remove obstacles from my path. I am overcome with emotion by the laughter of children at play, a puppy chasing a ball, the remembrance of a friend's embrace, and a lover's kiss.  I sleep with blessed assurance that I shall awake, protected by loving arms throughout eternity.  My name is Winter.

And these have been the seasons of my time.

- carolyne swayze

Copyright © 2013 Carolyne Swayze

Duchess Publishing, Sacramento California

Carolyne Swayze
Ross Schneider words and music


I guess I am now in the autumn of my years. Metaphorically speaking, Winter of course, would be as far as we get.    So, "Let's go Winter Waltzing" beautifully poetic.  "Isn't it the season?".. represents the season of life, the time that is now.  " May I have this dance love, is it beyond reason?"  Although we grow old,  the young at heart still want to dance, often at the expense of ridicule by the young.  "Must we rock and roll now, when my heart's a skater?" ... No, I don't want to rock and roll and be busy and chaotic. I want to waltz.  The skater represents the waltz, which is romantic,  and you feel its charm. "Call me Fuddy Duddy"...because that is often what old  fashioned, middle-aged folks are called.  "Be my 3/4 Buddy...and let's go Winter Waltzing""...this is a great line with a wonderful double entendre. Of course as a waltz, it's  3/4 time. But to  person in the third-quarter  of their life,  it represents having  someone with whom one can share the incredible journey. " Let's go Winter Waltzing."  Thank you Ross Schneider for writing this little song and letting me be the first to record it.

-Carolyne Swayze












Carolyne Swayze
Abner Silver, and Benny Davis; Cromwell Music (HFA) 100%


This is a remake of the 1960s song recorded by Les McCann and Tom Jones. Adding a Bossa Nova rhythm, Carolyne sings the song in a manner that showcases her own inimitable style. Available on CD Baby.


With these hands, I will cling to you,

I'm yours forever and a day.

With these hands, I will bring to you,

a tender love as warm as May.

With this heart, I will sing to you,

long after stars have lost their glow.

And, with these hands, I'll provide for you.

Should there be a stormy sea, I'll turn the tide for you,

and I'll never let you go.


Carolyne Swayze
Permissions granted through Harry Fox Agency to manufacture and distribute digital download and streaming under lisense numbers 1197902170 and 1197902168. Universal Music, Inc OBO Denslow Music, Inc


You Was Right, Baby

You said some day you'd turn the tide,

And I'd be laughing on the other side,

And you was Right, Baby,

Baby, you was so right.


You said some day the worm would turn,

I had some lessons that I had to learn,

And you was Right Baby,

Baby, you was so right.


I gave you a story, You gave me the gate,

I wish you'd come back, but you say its too late.

I Look kinda silly left holding the sack,

I guess I'll hold it until you come back.


You said some day you'd pass me right by

That I'd been telling you just one too many lies,

And you was Right Baby,

Baby you was so right.


Copyright 1945 Capitol Songs, Inc.

Words by Peggy Lee

Carolyne Swayze
Segar Ellis and Glen T Moore, Songs Universal Inc


For all of those who may be far away this Christmas.


You're All I Want For Christmas,

all I want my whole life through.

Each day is just like Christmas,

any time that I'm with you.


You're All I want For Christmas,

and if all my dreams come true.

Then I'll awake on Christmas morning,

and find my stocking filled with you.


Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze Words and Musicsic



I'm rocking through the east side

Rolling through the west side

I'm walking on the wild side

Just To Get Back To You.

I'm running through the north side,

Sunning on the south side

I'm traveling on the light side

Just to prove I'm true.

No matter what direction

Who cares what route I take

As long as your sweet lovin

directs every step I make

I'm strutting on the high side,

with no detour in view.

I'm looking on the bright side

Just To Get Back To You.


COPYRIGHT © Carolyne Swayze 2014

BMI License # pending