Dream Love

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


The story is simply about love.  A love that either does not exist in reality or is unattainable.  Yet, each night two lovers, one a dream and the other real,  meet at their dream rendezvous clinging to one another until the morning's light when one must wake and leave, returning night after night "still loving you, still loving you". A perfect love affair never tainted  or diminished by the realities  of life. 



Verse One

When I close my eyes at night

that's when my dream love comes in sight

and smiles at me, he smiles at me

My head just seems to spin

each night when I think of him

he touches me, ooh he touches me


Dream Love come dance with me

and hold me till the morning light, when I must wake

and when each day is through,

I'll meet you each night at dreams rendezvous

still loving you, still loving you

Verse Two

Although I know he cannot be

in dream he's always there with me

In dream he is reality magnified, oh baby

perhaps one day I'll find

a love not merely in my mind

but until that time, he's all I need


© Carolyne Swayze 2009