I'll Keep On Loving You

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Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


To the one to whom you had to say goodbye



I’ll Just keep loving you.
I’ll love you with a love that’s true.
Even if stars should lose their glow,
if the river forgets to flow.
I’ll keep wanting you,
And when my life is through.
Just as long as you love me too
I’ll go through eternity loving you.

I’ll just keep loving you
I’ll sing my songs to you.
Who cares if stars fall from the sky
You’ll be my always, I’ll be your reason why.
If you just keep loving me,
Then, when I cease to be.
I will wait for you patiently,
Lfving you through eternity.

IF you keep loving me
Then when I cease to be
I will wait for you patiently
Loving you through eternity

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All Rights Reserved
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