I'm Thrilled

Carolyne Swayze
Lyric by Sylvia Dee, music by Joe Lippman. Licensed to Carolyne Swayze and Royal Duchess Music through the Harry Fox Agency OBO Mutul Music Society, Inc. New York, NY


I'M THRILLED, just looking at you , and knowing your lips have touched mine.

As though in a dream divine, oh but I'M THRILLED.!

I'M THRILLED by things that you do, the way you echo my name.

As though with a heart aflame, oh but I'M THRILLED.

It's like the magic of springtime, when you enter a room.

A symphony seems to play swing-time, and a million roses burst into bloom!

I'M THRILLED, just holding your hand, or standing beside you awhile. You look in my yes and smile, and  oh