Speechless Blues

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Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze


I once met a man, who upon meeting for the first time, I was so mesmerized by his looks and manner that I was rendered speechless. He teased me mercilessly. Although I was an accomplished young woman with a good job, in his presence, I was left ineffective. We would go on to become nothing more than good friends. I had the opportunity of seeing him almost thirty years later and the initial attraction, although it would have made a good story to say otherwise, was quite different. I will however always wonder, what if? He will never know, unless he reads this post, that there was a time when I wanted to be the mother of his children.


Speechless Blues

You leave me speechless, I can’t even say the time of day
It’s most annoying, this disruption to my communique
You think it’s cute, when I’m rendered mute
Baby, I wish you’d just go away.

You leave me speechless, just watching the way you walk
This lack of prose is disturbing, ‘cause a girl with attitude has to talk
But it’s when you’re close, words fail me the most
Oh Baby I wish I could be verbose

You leave me speechless, I can barely make a sound
My vocabulary’s useless anytime you’re hanging around
First I stutter, next I mutter …
Silly words that come out all upside down

I’m left speechless by the way you say my name
This lack of elocution is a low down, dirty shame
I’m dumbfounded, so confounded, amazed, and abused
Somebody help me find a way to end these speechless blues

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