The Next Best Thing

Carolyne Swayze
Carolyne Swayze Composer


The Next Best Thing

Like Mickey and Minnie

Just like Mac and Cheese

Like chips slathered in dip

Like honey and Bees


Like hot dogs and mustard

Like sugar and cane

Like a buggy and whip

Like Tarzan and Jane


Like nuts and bolts

Like a hammer and nails

Like Pasa and Dena

Like a rainstorm with hail

(Second Verse)

Just like cake and ice cream

and Apple Pie

The Next Best Thing that I know

is you and I.


Like turkey and stuffing

Like Ginger and Fred

A good book read by a fire

Apple butter on bread

Like hook or by crook

Like a clef on a staff

Like corned beef and cabbage

a joke followed by a laugh


Just Like Geshundeit

right after a sneeze

 That morning cup of coffee

A Bee and his knees


Like an Ace right up my sleeve

Like other fish swimming in the sea

The Next Best thing that I know

is you and me.


Copyright © 2013  Carolyne Swayze and Duchess Publishing

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