January 27, 2020

San Francisco Bay Bridge

How many times have I made the trip? Traveling from Sacramento to San Francisco, a distance of only some eighty miles or so, yet light years apart in attitude. Yeah,  I am one of those people, one of those pitiful souls who worked in San Francisco, lived in Sacramento and commuted daily.  For ten years, TEN YEARS, I made the trek, making sure I got to that office before most of my staff, and most definitely before my boss.

What’s more incredible, almost unfathomable, is that it was almost thirteen ago. And yet today,  I make the journey thrilled beyond measure over the prospect of knowing that in just a few hours I will meet up with some of the most talented musicians in the business for a recording.

I smile as I look over in other cars. I offer my apologies to the guy that has just cut me off, and upon approaching the Bay Bridge toll booth, I get in the “Cash” lane even though I have a FasTrak pass, only so I can pay the toll for the car behind me.  And speaking of Bay Bridge, I think ahead with great anticipation for I know in just a little over an hour, I will greet that scene that will surely take my breath away, that “Baghdad By the Bay” moment when  I cross the San Francisco Bay Bridge. If that in and of itself would not have been enough, today I get to make beautiful music.