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I'm ready to begin this new chapter, and excited to see what's down the next road and 'round the bend. 

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A single, The Next Best Thing, from the Reflections Album due in Spring 2020,is released and available.

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Carolyne Swayze believes the key to living is ending with the most experiences. She once quipped that she was the true “Jack of all trades, and master of nothing.” While there are those who might disagree as to what she has mastered, all will agree they sit back and wait for the next notch to appear on her life stick. 

Hailing from Chicago, Swayze relocated to California in the early 1970s, making a thirty-year career mainly in San Francisco where she worked in local, state and Federal levels of government. She has worked almost that same length of time as a pop/jazz singer, songwriter, and composer, working the Bay Area hotel and country club circuits throughout mid 1970 through the early 1990s. Retiring from public service in 2007,  she published her first novel, Of Noble Character in 2012. The digital version can be purchased through Amazon. She has finished the second edition that adds some 60,000 words, and hopes to release that version soon.

In 2016, she established the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of classic jazz.  In January 2020, she recorded her CD Reflections that is expected to be released Spring 2020. Carolyne resides in Northern Caoifornia.