When you hear the word Chops, what comes to mind? In all fairness, if found under a recipe category, you would undoubtedly think of a cut of meat. Also, in the way of a recipe, one might think of cutting and dicing an array of vegetables, like onions and peppers. There is another meaning to the word, a type of urban slang that denotes a person at the top of their game, a musician, particularly in the genre of jazz. referring to the all-time jazz great Dizzy Gillespie, you might hear a reference as, “Man, Dizzy Had Chops.” The secret is that all those descriptions would be correct for our purposes.

Close to three years ago, I considered compiling a cookbook. The recipes would be those I had created or molded in my way. Having been a singer in what seems like another life, I also began to collect recipes from other jazz people to include. In addition to culinary delights, I wanted to create a situation where one of your favorite artists might have contributed. Finally, my plan included information about the artists and their music.

Having given up on a traditionally styled cookbook, I have since decided to provide an online recipe collection as part of Carolyne Swayze Enterprises. Some are from places long forgotten, others more current. Wherever their origin, you can be sure they have Chops.