Short Bio

Carolyne Swayze

Carolyne Swayze is an American singer, hailing from Chicago. In 1970 she relocated to the California Central Valley where she worked the small jazz clubs, in addition to a full-time career in public service. In mid-1970 she relocated to San Francisco Bay area where, in addition to her work in public service, worked on the hotels and country clubs circuits over the next twenty years. Upon retirement, she once again relocated, this time to Sacramento where she founded the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of classic jazz. Other credits include publishing her first book, a novel, Of Noble Character, in 2012. She published the second edition of the book in 2019. Leaving California to investigate her roots, she currently resides in the Savannah Georgia region and continues to be involved with the music as she prepares for her third book.