Short Bio

Carolyne Swayze

Carolyne Swayze retired from the City and County of San Francisco in April 2007 after more than a thirty-year career in public service. She began writing about her life to allow her son to have a better understanding of himself, and in the process came to better understand herself, as her journey began to unfold chapter after chapter. She has a story to tell.

Not shy with a microphone, one of a long list of accomplishments, Carolyne has been a successful singer working throughout the San Francisco Bay area and northern California hotels and country clubs’ circuits throughout the 1980s, and still making appearances here and there. Originally from Chicago, she relocated to California in the early 1970s, and in 2021 after fifty-four years as a Californian, relocated to the low country of the northeast to do further research on her family’s interesting history, the place of her familial roots.

With a release date of Fall 2022, Flight of the Mourning Lark is her third work. In 2012, she self-published her first novel Of Noble Character, the saga of an eastern European family’s life covering one hundred and fifty years from Germany to America with San Francisco as the backdrop. In 2020, she released a 30,000-word second edition of the story.

She currently resides outside of Savannah, Georgia with her miniature Poodle, Cooper.